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Music Therapy and Sound Healing with the sacred geometry



What do Music Therapy, Sound Healing and Sound Therapy with the sacred geometry "DreamWeaver" sound environment have in common?

Great to see you here, my name is Benedick Howard, and I am the DreamWeaver inventor/researcher/facilitator trainer. Before I deep dive into my story, and how I got from rally car driver to development engineer for GE to esoteric researcher in sound and more recently, electrical healing, let me introduce you to this part of my journey into music therapy and sound healing, and why I envisioned the DreamWeaver as a sound healing environment that balances the body, mind and spirit.

What is unique about my DreamWeaver is that you hear and FEEL the music. It's like a musical massage.

You feel the cymatic vibroacoustic movement of the music through the sound table and the energetic interaction with the sacred geometry dodecahedron frame. In the hands of well trained facilitators this synergistic combination enhancess the therapeutic benefits of music therapy, sound healing and sound therapy.

The envisioning of the DreamWeaver was clarified from my experience with the grandfather of sound healing environments called the Cotyledon and later renamed the GENESIS with solid state AI learning biofeedback sensors back in the late 80's.

I built the first prototypes in the late 1980's in the former Starcrest Academy of Interdimensional Law and Science building with a 36 foot pyramid roof. That's where the very first DreamWeaver was born.

Today there are DreamWeavers still in use, like the one I have on the Big Island of Hawaii.

The research I want to share with you ultimately became a new understanding of the mechanics of how sound moves through the air, body and mind to balance and heal from tactile cymatic pulses that create minute changes in pressure, voltage and magnetic fields massaging the tissues of the body with life force so that it can heal much quicker.

I will later share my research and how sacred geometry, which is found throughout nature, has become an important part of synergistically improving modern-day sound healing.

Firstly, lets define how music therapy, sound healing and sound therapy appear to be used today in 2020's and how the DreamWeaver fits into these definitions.

What is music therapy?

Throughout the course of history, music has uplifted people in so many ways, (and sadly, also been cunningly used to indoctrinate beliefs and behaviors), from singing lullabies to providing comfort during sleep, strength during physical labor and workouts. This is supported by countless physiological changes like lower heart rate and blood pressure, brain chemistry changes with the release of "feel good" hormones like oxytocin and endorphins. 

However, even though there are decades of data collected and published about the benefits of music therapy in the 90's it became a New Age fad, as viewed by the dumbed down medical profession as unscientific.

Music therapy is the intentional use of music to help people with many conditions or disorders. Programs have been used with children, adults, and seniors. (There is a video of the DreamWeaver in these settings that was aired on PBS and internationally.) Some common methods are playing music, singing songs with the person, or listening to music. It has been proven to improve sleep quality, reduce anxiety levels, and elevate moods; all key factors in maintaining one's well-being.

Thayer Gaston: Father of Music Therapy – born in Oklahoma on July 4, 1901. Clinical psychologist, now known as the “Father of Music Therapy.” From the 1940s-1960s he advanced the academic standardization of the music therapy education and the profession.

Music therapy is therefore a newer type of alternative therapy that trains therapists to use music (and sounds) to relax, relieve stress and treat physical and emotional pain and a long list of benefits in clinical settings. It has been shown in research to improve mood, increase relaxation levels and reduce anxiety.

This therapy can be done in a variety of ways, such as having an individual listen to music, dance or movement, singing along with others or playing a musical instrument, or, a variety of instruments making music together and many models have been developed to systematize application methods to optimize results for children and adults.

Music Therapy models:

I have chosen a few examples to illustrate the depth of how music therapists have sculpted their music therapy sessions, combining many therapeutics diciplines to empower and enhance outcomes with different techniques.

Analytical Music Therapy developed in the 70's by Mary Priestly is defined as the use of words and symbolic music improvisations as a means of exploring the client's inner life and facilitating growth.

Cognitive behavioral music therapy (CBMT) CBT was first described by Professor Aaron Beck in the early 1950’s (Wilding & Milne, 2008). In contrast with many of the psychological therapy models of the time, CBT was based on the belief that maladaptive thoughts and behaviors arise not from what has happened in our lives, but from how we think about what has happened to us. The CBMT effects of Music therapy is used to enhance some behavioral therapy and modify others. This approach is structured, not improvisational, and may include listening to music, dancing, singing, or playing an instrument.

Experimental improvisation therapy or Free Improvisation Therapy was introduced by Julliete Alvin ho initiated England's first Music Therapy training in 1967. Also referred to as "experimenting with music, dance and performance." It could be experimental music, like song, movement or vocal improvisations. It may be used in many settings, including schools, hospitals, treatment centers for the developmentally disabled, and correctional facilities. Music is used to help the participants explore their feelings in an individual or group setting.

Creative Music Therapy was created by Paul Nordoff and Clive Robbins. To help the client develop a musical vocabulary that will facilitate self-expression, and to create a musical context wherein the client and therapist can build a working relationship.

Benenzon music therapy - psychoanalysis using the process of making music.

Community music therapy also Metaphoric Improvisation Therapy - using music in group work.

Neurologic Music Therapy: Neurologic music therapy improves executive function and emotional adjustment in traumatic brain injury rehabilitation.

Vocal psychotherapy: vocal exercises like singing, toning and shouting and breathing techniques to connect with your emotions and impulses to make a deeper connection with yourself.

Music and sound therapy for tinnitus: ​There are many different sound therapy treatment options, including music therapy, neurofeedback, and tinnitus retraining

Brainwave entrainment: uses music and specific frequencies to entrain the brain to different states. "Brainwave entrainment, also referred to as brainwave synchronization and neural entrainment, refers to the hypothesized capacity of the brain to naturally synchronize its brainwave frequencies with the rhythm of periodic external stimuli, most commonly auditory, visual, or tactile."' Wikipedia

What are the benefits of music therapy treatment option?

There are many ways to relieve stress and get healthy, and music therapy has been proven effective. If you're looking for a way to relax your mind, body and soul then something as easy of brainwave entrainment music could be the perfect solution, for starters.

What if I told you that music was not just something heard through the ears but also FELT in the body and heart?

And what if I said that sounds are powerful /subtle enough to heal?

Music therapy is a treatment option for many disorders and conditions such as depression, anxiety, autism spectrum disorder (ASD), Alzheimer's disease, dementia - to name a few.

Music Therapy Perspectives:

In summary, there are many more music therapy perspectives that use the power of music combined with the intent of therapist/client skill sets to create profound healing. All the examples above have been well documented academically and, as a consequence, been directed by funding availability aka censorship, by funding less out-of-the-box thinking about different sound applications designs and methods.

The most common setting for music therapy is in hospitals, hospices, clinics and schools. They might also be hired by families or people who want to hire them privately. The average salary for a music therapist is a mere $48,000.

What is sound healing and sound therapy?

Sound healing, sound therapy and music therapy are almost interchangeable, except that music therapists tend to have undergone more rigorous formal training, even to PhD levels. This may or not be an indicator of the best model for you. That's a personal choice. I have, as an inventor and scientist, issues with this type of dumbing down education/indoctrination.

Sound healers and sound therapists, may have a diploma, or certificate and have tools like Tibetan singing bowls and gongs, quartz singing bowls to create a sound bath, or tuning forks precisely located to clear energy blocks in the aura. Or, they may have Cymatic applicators (Sir Peter Guy Manners, whom I visited and interviewed before he passed) that deliver sound waves via transducers (speakers without cones) directly into the body to help you relax and break up energetic and physical blockages like physical pain, including tumors.

How does it compare to music therapy?

Like with music therapy sometimes you'll be guided or focus your attention on a particular area of your body akin to the Music Therapy models above. Just like music therapy, sound healing and sound therapy reduces stress levels, improves sleep patterns, increases energy levels, relieves pain, and even boosts the immune system, or used as sound therapy for tinnitus, sound speech therapy, vibrational sound therapy or vibration sound therapy, sound therapy machines and sound tables like the DreamWeaver sound therapy environment.

The benefits of sound healing go beyond physical health; they have also been found to affect emotional and spiritual well-being as well.

Sound healing uses music to balance, shape and heal the mind. It can be used for promoting relaxation, reducing anxiety or even treating mental health disorders like depression.

Sound healing's power to heal the mind is unmatched, and with the DreamWeaver it can also be used in conjunction to greatly enhance other methods of therapy. Counselling, coaching, energy healing like crystals, orgone, fragrances and aromas, light therapy, Reiki and massage, stress, pain and addiction management with occasional spontaneous NDE (near death type experiences), OOB out of body journeys and visions and you'll feel "really good"!

Music therapy and sound therapy (or sound healing) are distinctive, and each approach has its own goals, protocols, tools, and settings: (

Sound therapy works for everyone. “On a physical level, we are slowing down the breath, slowing down our heart rate and allowing our mind to quiet into a safe-feeling, serene state. Spiritually, the more relaxed we are in body and mind, the better or more able we are to feel connected to ourselves, connected to others and connected to a higher power, so we can master living an abundant life.

If you're curious about Reiki or energy work but wish to just dip your toe into the water at this time, sound therapy is an ideal way to start.

How does music therapy and sound healing work?

When we hear certain types of sounds, our brains interpret them differently than when, for example, we listen to white noise. Our brain interprets these different sounds as having specific meanings. For example, if we're listening to a song that makes us feel happy, then this will make us happier. If we're listening to a piece of classical music, it may calm us down. And if we're listening to an instrumental version of "The Star Spangled Banner," it could inspire patriotism within us and be used (by the pathetic POS powers that be) to subconsciously over generations to enslave people into false beliefs and behaviors.

What does it have in common with the DreamWeaver

In the DreamWeaver we have additional sound - activated responses because of the mechanics of how you hear and cymatically / vibroacoustically feel the music. The DreamWeaver results are achieved much more quickly. For instance, Tibetan monks get to a meditative state in 10 - 15 minutes that would otherwise have taken them over an hour. Or, in facilitated sessions, you will be guided to very quickly process core issues and get amazing clarity and vision of what to do to rearrange your life for today's crazy stressful mandate bs world.

The Johnathan Goldman formula

How does it work? As a foundation, Johnathan Goldman has a great formula: Music + Intent = Healing. How music interfaces with the body is complex and the results subjective, yet, you might be surprised that it has very little to do with special frequencies and more to do with where you are at going into the session and the genre of music being played. When the DreamWeaver sound environment is facilitated with clear goals and intent results in specific healing, visioining, brainstorming revelations are possible.

What are the disadvantages of music therapy and sound healing?

None when used with integrity and intent. Devastating on humanity with used generationally to manipulate and indoctrinate behaviors.

What is so special about the DreamWeaver Sound Environment?

Think of hearing music in different settings and room shape, furnishings, wall coverings will affect the way you perceive the sound. Now compare that to the same sound in a cathedral, or cave, or rooms of different proportions.

The dodecahedron creates a special environment and the shape energetically corresponds to many etheric qualities individually, know as Prana, Gaia, Life force, Chi, Sound (Rudolf Steiner) and, in my view from having researching extensively for over 20 years with electrical healing, electricity that is sourced from the ethers.

The specific quality of the dodecahedron is the ability to pack and unpack the energy fields into greater coherence and wellbeing.

The other unique design of the DreamWeaver effects of music therapy is the cymatic vibroacoustic sound table or sound table therapy. It delivers very low frequencies with a high amplitude (power) that cannot be obtained by regular speakers or instruments. This intensifies the results by deepening the connection into the body.This results in more relaxation, less stress, greater physical chronic pain and emotional pain reduction and, in facilitated sessions, more clarity and focus on the bigger picture/purpose and not the ego chatter!

DreamWeaver Sound Environment can be used in many settings including individual and group sessions to:

• Deepen the connection into the body

• Reduces stress

• Relieves chronic pain

• Increases relaxation

• Emotional pain reduction

• Clarity and focus on the bigger purpose

With facilitated sessions:

- You will experience the same level of success as if you had spent hours and hours with traditional therapies

- You will be guided to get clarity and vision of what you need to do to rearrange the way you live your life for today's insane stress filled world.

- You will learn how to use the DreamWeaver to get to the next level of success.

- You will get immediate feedback on your progress.

- You will see exactly where you are stuck and why.

- You will know exactly what to do to move forward.

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What others have been saying about their DreamWeaver sessions:

I recently enjoyed my third experience with the DreamWeaver. In my life so far, I have experienced many different healing and transformational modalities. I have done yoga, sweat lodges, drumming, and chanting. As a healer myself, I work with MariEl, reiki, crystals, neuro-linguistic programming, aromatherapy, herbs, reflexology, and massage.
After my most recent DreamWeaver session, I was enveloped in a blanket of Love and Peaceful Bliss. There was only one time in my life when I experienced a similar feeling and that was many years ago upon breaking my neck and being in the Light of a near death experience. In my case, I was dead and was surrounded by Angels and guides who explained to me that I was now given the choice of continuing up the Light channel or going back into my old body. They also showed me glimpses of my probable future and scenes that I was here to fulfil. Needless to say, I chose to continue in body and upon re-entering was filled with the same feeling of Peace and Comfort and Bliss that I experienced again with the DreamWeaver. I invite others to do the same.
So Benedick, how about this for a marketing by-line:
Just like a near death experience, but without the full body cast!
David Warr Corporate Executive.

I have professionally referred many colleagues as well as clients as I am convinced that the therapy offered by Benedick Howard gives significant results. 
Adele Miller RSHom

I have known Benedick for almost a year and during that time I have not only been a client of the DreamWeaver which is a wonderful enriching experience, but I have been privileged to count on Benedick as a personal friend. Benedick is a hugely enterprising man with great honesty and integrity. 
The Hon. Marion Lawrence

I am so grateful for the tremendous help you have given me. The relief from the first session was absolutely astonishing as I have been suffering emotional trauma since my husband died in 1988 - it was as if, quite literally, a ten-ton weight had been lifted from my head and heart. The again, right after I came to see you I was able to go to our house near Florence and for the first time in years communicate peacefully with our difficult neighbours and start to bring our long outstanding difficulties to a sensible conclusion. 
Margaret Ferrari

Thank you for assisting me to swim in the ocean and indeed to cross to the other side – glimmerings of gold appeared through the emptiness – and a realization of a new possible reality pertaining to the present and our often forgotten capacity to love, openly with forgiveness for others and of course ourselves. Great choice of music! 
Tim Wheater

The experience was something I never expected to feel. Totally relaxed for the first time in 5 years. I felt as if it was an out of body experience, like floating. As if something heavy was being lifted from within me. Would be interested in another session if I could feel like I have this time.
Carron Andoire

It felt very relaxing, also very cool. Steven Bauer

Very relaxing – great vibrational treat…niggle in lower back disappeared, neck and shoulders relaxed. Energy moved to resonate in right calf, throat and right wrist. A good experience. Val

It is very relaxing to feel the music on many different levels to feel the vibrations and let the body absorb it in the ways that are needed. Thank you. Carol

I saw a body of golden light sucking up all the darkness (blackness) from my chest, with it the greyness of how that darkness resonated in me. Then from the light came a golden heart to replace the darkness - which was still connected by a golden cord to the ‘source’. It was telling me that this golden light was totally around me at all time, always replenishing the light in my heart whenever I needed it. I therefore need not be afraid of giving that energy in my heart to the rest of the world – there was always more to come! There are no limitations to my heart and soul. 
Micah Lawrence RSHom


Benedick’s Bio:

I am a professional coach and specializes in using music for personal growth to help people heal emotionally and physically. My background includes west African drumming, ukulele, toning and overtoning and soloist with extensive experience hosting and playing in Kanikapilas and open mics live on the Big Island. In addition to private clients, high altitude hiking, ashtanga yoga, and jogging I also perform regularly with local musicians.

Benedick has been researching and practicing sound healing since late 1980s. He has studied many healers including Dr. Bruce Lipton, Dr Randall Baer, Michael Bradford, Dr. Thomas Cowan, Professor Eric Dollard, Dr. Michael Bernard Beckwith, Dr. Wayne Dyer, Dr. Larry Dossey, Dr. Andrew Weil, Dr. Bernie Siegel, Dr. Dean Ornish, Dr. Mark Hyman, Dr. Robert Ochberg, Dr. Richard Gerber, Tom Campbell, Dr. David Wolfe, Dr. David Rima, Dr. Joseph Mercola, Dr. James Oschman, Dr. Robert Becker, Dr. Tony Robbins and others specifically in the sound healing niche.

The DreamWeaver blends music, alchemy and sacred geometry creating a healing multidimensional energy field and surround sound healing environment with multiple personal and professional applications.

Inside the DreamWeaver you feel the musical vibrations pulsing throughout your body. These pulsations facilitate the natural release of neuropeptides and effect brain wave frequencies, resulting in shifting states of consciousness. One quickly moves into a deeply relaxed state which enhances the communication between mind, body, heart and spirit.

Facilitated sessions by trained facilitators support expanded awareness and personal transformation. Professional sound healing trainings are offered for those resonating to the DreamWeaver vision and interested in integrating this technology into their professional practices.

The DreamWeaver the ultimate vibrational healing sound environment experience. The DreamWeaver facilitates personal and spacial energetic balancing on all levels for deep relaxation, stress management, relief of physical and emotional pain and transformation.

For health, business and entertainment.

Its full body surround sound system is state of the art supporting an inner journey that rediscovers the bliss within. 


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